Our Clients


“Carl Johnson at JCP Financial, Inc. has been our trusted source for all things tax and finance related. We’ve used Carl for over 12 years to do our personal and business returns and have no intention of changing!”

David H.
IT Professional

“Carl at JCP Financial, Inc. has been my longtime tax person and has been amazing to work with all of these years. He is good at communicating and making the confusing world of taxes make sense. He reaches out with tips to help with the tax burden, and I would highly recommend Carl. “

Jeff C.
Real Estate Professional

“I have used JCP for the last 10+ years for my income tax filing. Every year I save more money than in fees. JCP is a great service and well worth the market-appropriate fees.”

Joe A.
Oil and Gas Professional

“JCP Financial, Inc./Carl Johnson have represented my company since its inception in 1990. I have been very satisfied with the professional representation I have received. A few years back my company was audited by the IRS. JCP/Carl handled the audit completely without any involvement by me and concluded with no additional payments or penalties from the IRS.”

Curtis M.